The first pair of shoes designed by Rapisardi was launched at the end of the 1950s in a momentous phase for the Italian fashion which, due to its craftsmanship, refined materials and unique style, conquered the center stage of the fashion industry.

Since the very beginning, Rapisardi’s creations stood out for their innovative characteristics, exclusive and practical at the same time. The brand entered the market of women’s footwear with a model of summer shoe whose topper was made of straw weave on a leather, wood or cork sole. These light, fitted sandals were designed for a modern woman who seeks elegance-in-motion.
It was Giancarlo Rapisardi who decided to employ straw weave, an inexpensive yet refined material that up until then was used in the production of decorative objects.

Before Giancarlo his grandmother, Emma Del Greco Mochi, and mother, Renata Roster, used to support local artisans as a philanthropic endeavor, with the aim of improving the living conditions of women of humble origins in Florence. Emma Del Greco Mochi and her daughter commissioned placemats, baskets and other straw weave products which then they marketed abroad, especially in America.
Following Giancarlo’s intuition, the use of straw weave and the strong connection with the local craftmanship became a signature element of Rapisardi’s design and production model.
This combination of tradition and tight bond with local manufacturers remained unchanged when, in the early 1980s, Giancarlo’s son Nicolò took over the company. In order to respond to the fierce competition from the developing countries, Nicolò implemented a new production model, efficient and flexible, while at the same time preserving the traditional manufacturing process. The firm, in fact, continues to rely mainly on local, Florence-based suppliers to this day.


The factory MAIMAI was born in 1993 in the wonderful land of Salento, at about 45 km away from Lecce, thanks to the efforts and the entrepreneurial spirit of its founders, Mr Rocco Gnoni and Mrs Maria Pia Morciano, who already had developed over ten years experience in the footwear industry at the time.

The company stands out immediately for its dynamism and, for this reason, it has been chosen for the production of men and ladies footwear on behalf of famous high fashion Italian brands recognized and appreciated worldwide. Over the years the company has been certified by the English Institute SATRABS en iso 9001” for its production process. Some years later MAIMAI has been titled also by the German Institute DASA RAGISTERISO 14000” for the high quality level of its workforce, for its advanced facilities, strictly Italian production and the use of leathers, fabrics and raw materials produced and finished by Italian companies in accordance with the international required treatments for the consumers protection.


This eponymous line of footwear was created by the young designer Elia Maurizi. He has used it to transpose his outlook, which is a blend of innovation, a predilection to details and old hand work. Always oriented to give the best quality and comfort.

Elia Maurizi shoes aren’t just footwear, they’re veritable designer objects, provocative works of art. Unisex lines for people who don’t label themselves-citizen of the world. His brilliance flows from the simple shapes and the use of highly sophisticated materials. Moreover, the handmade touch of a family run company that has always stood out on the market for its quality footwear, is undeniable.

With his first collection and as a rising star, Elia was selected by the “WHO’S ON NEXT” competition held by Alta Roma, Pitti Immagine and Vogue. As a result, in June 2009, he presented his new spring/summer collection at Pitti Immagine to leading journalist and buyers: the jury included Kostantin Andricopoulous (Bosco dei Ciliegi), Yasuto Kamoshita (United Arrow), Sarah Lerfel (Colette), Linda Loppa (Polimoda), Michele Lupi (GQ), Sarah Mower (Style.com), Franca Sozzani (Vogue Italia). Furthermore, on 25-28 September 2009 and to Who’s on next, Elia Maurizi was guest of Vogue Talent.


Andia Fora starts up in 2013 by the perfect combination of quality and innovation, joined to a precious and exclusive footwear craftmanship “made in Tuscany”.

In 2014 the brand of Florence, wich has its factories in the province of Pisa, area well known for the artisanal production of leather goods, makes its debut on the italian and international scene with its first collection of shoes.

The factories with over 50 years of experience takes advantage of 40 skilled workers and specialists in the artisanal processing of footwears.

Andia Fora has left its mark for a bold and never banal street style, where the fine leathers combine themselves with high-tech materials through an innovative manufacture, patented by company: the soles injection working, wich pass the traditional practice of last and provides comfort without to lose elegance and new design idea.



DiGiada footwear is born from the union of original materials, creative design and detailing. Their story began in the early 1960s, in a small artisan workshop: Giada Gabrielli. Today, the company meets the international markets with the managerial strength of modern industry, and creative research is accompanied by quality controls throughout the production line to ensure that the DiGiada style continues to have the value of the authentic Made in Italy .


Brador Made In Italy was founded in 2003 by Eurotop & Brador Srl, a company operating in the footwear industry for 40 years, linked to manufacturing tradition of the Romagna region.
Sandals for men and women, where meticulous attention to detail coexists wth the search for refined taste in a perfect mix for an outstanding product.The Brador Collections combine luxury, elegance with comfort and practicality, in line with the evolution of fashion and style.
Brador interprets the stylist line of big fashion brands with the carful selection of materials and attention to detail. Brador sandals and sneakers are manufactured entirely in Italy, according to high quality standarts.

Constant attention to style trends and innovative details have enabled Brador to grow as a brand in Italy and abroad and to win growing market shares in shares in Europe, the USA and the Far East.


Camerlengo shoe factory produces since 1948 high quality shoes and boast of a leader position in the national and international shoe market. Paolo Camerlengo, following his father’s passion, getting to know all the phases of the shoe production, and combining the traditional craftsmanship methods with the latest technologies and launching 2011 a new line: REDWOOD woman.

The Camerlengo shoe factory is today a leader company in the national and international shoe market; its seat is located in the Marche region, in Monte San Giusto. The establishment hosts the entire production chain: from design to finishment. The succes of the company is determinated by its technical and productive capability, by the production and the by its care to details. Camerlengo Sas creates everyday exclusive and innovative shoes, following the traditional craftsmanship and checking out new materials, for an authentic made in Italy production.


Bisue Ballerinas was founded in the 1950’s with a philosophy of creating extremely comfortable, trendy and best quality footwear using high quality leather and materials. Its seat is located in the Torrellano-Elche region (Province of Alicante).

This company striving to change the image of lowly flatties and combining 50 years experience and a talent for identifying the newest market trends ensures the customer purchases comfort and style.


Right from the Mediterranean shores of Alicante (Spain) and inspired by the mediterrranian breeze, POPA sandals set foot in Lithuania from the hand of doppio SHOES.

Handcrafted and made out of the richest leather, POPA shoes are a result of a centuries-old technique combined with the creative designs of the new millennium. Fashion and comfort meet style in POPA avarcas, offering a large variety of sandals including platforms and multicolored, funky combinations. ​

Hard to choose just one? We know! That is why we will keep updating our collection so that you walk in you preferred POPA shoes.


Pokemaoke: unique, handmade shoes made in Italy to fit an idea, a philosophy conceived and projected towards the uniqueness. Slender steps harmoniously dance on the stage of creativity. Soft leather, nest of delicious applications carefully sewn by hand.

Shoes for lovers of beauty in all its parts, interpreted in their whims and desires by the skill of the two founders of this exceptional brand: Giulia Simoncelli, graduated in design, rediscovered handmade universe; Jessica Piantoni, specializes in the textile and footwear sector, the most representative of the entrepreneurial aspect of this soul so successful and special for its complementary entirety.

In 2010, in fact, in a small workshop in Foligno, start taking life a project destined to land far away, soon seducing stringent sector experts and gaining soon the most fashionable wardrobe. In each shoe is visible diligence and simple genuine everyday life that reigns peaceful in the atelier in via IV Novembre in Foligno, in the green heart of Umbria. Right solution for those who want to emphasize their personality, to really feel unique, but not giving up the romantic.